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"Mr. Sparks", as he was affectionately known, began his long life of Christian service as a Baptist pastor in England, soon coming to be much in demand as a preacher of the Gospel. He also rose to prominence for his interest in and support of evangelistic efforts and missionary outreach. His career, however, took a sharp turn when a physical crisis brought him to a place of inward brokenness and deliverance from his strong prejudice against anything relating to the "deeper life." As a result, he joined Jesse Penn-Lewis in her ministry for the spiritual growth of believers, a ministry to which he devoted the remainder of his life and which cost him his reputation and his career in the denominational circles of England.

As his teaching began to find acceptance among the Lord's people who were apprehended for the fullness of Christ, its value opened doors worldwide for his messages in both spoken and written form, including the little magazine
A Witness and A Testimony
, which he edited for approximately 50 years.

Much, if not all, of the material reproduced here in edited form was taken from this magazine.


In his early years Mr. Stockmayer was a pastor in Switzerland and a lifetime seeker after the full will of God, both in his own life and in the lives of his fellow believers.

After being divinely healed of a serious malady, the Holy Spirit opened up to him in a large measure the teaching in the Scriptures concerning the physical body. Consequently, he became much used of God in the teaching and deliverance of Christians in that area (the well-known Andrew Murray being among them).

His ministry was broadened when he was brought to America to share his message and gifts (A. B. Simpson had him speak at the Alliance Tabernacle in New York, for example). Along with the revelation of divine healing was an opening of the teaching in the Scriptures in the area of "things to come" to a depth and fullness beyond the current level.

The high standard of Christian living that he held out for believers was especially challenging and was a source of much fruit and enrichment among the members of the Body of Christ.


Mr. Follette was a product of the Azusa Street Revival which occurred during the first decade of the twentieth century.

In the years following, while much of the fruit of that mighty renewal was turning back to organization and institutionalism, he continued to press on in the knowledge and experience of spiritual attainment in his Christian life, emerging eventually as God's voice to the backslidden denominations.

He taught for many years in the Bible schools of these denominations.

Much of his teaching was published during these years while the depth and impact of his teaching took him around the world in spoken ministry as well.

After his retirement he returned to his home in New York State, opening it for private meetings for all who were hungry for the secrets of spiritual progress. Near the time of his graduation to the Lord's presence in 1966, his lifelong vision and burden for the growth and maturing of the Body of Christ seemed to reap a reward with the outbreak of the modern Charismatic Renewal.


Having come to know the Lord at an early age, Mary McDonough, a young piano teacher, at some point in her spiritual life went to work with A. B. Simpson and the Christian and Missionary Alliance. She ministered with them in Boston, MA, and Old Orchard, ME, eventually serving for several years as secretary for the large assembly in Roxbury, MA.

Her diligent study of her Bible and of the writings of deeply taught men of God of that time eventually resulted in the opening of her own Bible teaching ministry. This she continued until close to the time of her homegoing in her one-hundredth year of age.

The main thrust--and great contribution--of her teaching was what she entitled "The Biological Approach" (i.e., the view of the Gospel message as the impartation of the very Life of the risen Christ to the spirit of the believer, then followed by the transformation of the believer--spirit, soul, and body-- into the likeness of Christ).

This biological doctrine is outlined in the one chief vehicle of her ministry, the book entitled God's Plan of Redemption. Now republished in revised form by the Three Brothers, the book went out of print in 1946, but not before it was used by missionaries, ministers, and other workers all over the world during its three British and three American editions.


David Dyer was born in Memphis Tennessee in 1952. He was raised in Rochester, MN, being the son of a Mayo Clinic physician.

David met the Lord Jesus Christ in 1972 when he committed his life to following and serving the savior. Shortly thereafter, he began meeting in homes with a group of young people in Rochester, MN. This experience of meeting around the Lord and being led by His Spirit deeply marked his Christianity with a desire to see the church move from formality to a living New Testament experience.

David's early Christian life was greatly influenced by the teachings of Watchman Nee and T. Austin-Sparks.

David's ministry is principally in the area of Bible teaching. He has taught in conferences, seminars, church meetings and Bible schools in Rumania, Nigeria, Zambia, Philippines, Brazil and the United States. He has had brief experience smuggling Bibles into Hungary, Rumania and China some years ago when there was such a thing as the "Iron Curtain."

He is the author of four books: A Vision of the Church which is now titled Living Church, Thy Kingdom Come, Genuine Spiritual Authority, and most recently From Glory to Glory.

David has been married for 25 years to Caroline (whom everyone knows as "Nina") and has two children John (23 years old) and Lydia (20 years old). The family still lives together and divides their time between Brazil and the U.S., six months in each place.



Ms. Trotter was a promising artist in England at the turn of the twentieth century.

She gave up the art career to go as a single woman missionary to minister to the Muslims of North Africa.

While there she applied her talent as an artist to the flora of the region, drawing profound insight from the object lessons which they provided. These lessons she published along with the art work, calling them "Parables".

We have two of them reproduced here.



Middle son of George A. Moreshead, the writer/contributor of Three Brothers. Raised in Casco, ME, and taught by George in a "home school" setting before home schooling was in vogue, he was especially influenced by the teaching of Mrs. McDonough, his "spiritual grandmother." His experience as a physician and a healer along with his time caring for his Dad while at Emory University hospital is the impetus for the volume "Loving Father."

He lives in St. Charles, MO with his wife and two boys and operates this website.


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