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Help with the Books

Without the work and dedication of George A. Moreshead, there would be no books available through Three Brothers Books. Although he will never tell anyone, it was his years spent in editing, compiling, collating and making this material more readable that these volumes even exist. Nor could he have done it by himself. The late Herbert Coulimore oversaw the distribution in the early years up to the time of his own homegoing, and O. B. Fearing, until recent years, oversaw the financial concerns of the Three Brothers book projects. (See About the Three Brothers) Thank you, all three of you, for your example, your devotion, your vision and especially for your obedience to the Lord. You have set a high standard!

Without a printer there would be no books. If that printer is not reasonable there would still be no books. Three Brothers Books is blessed to be able to use the services of

Old Paths Tract Society
c/o Kenneth Montgomery
Shoals, IN 47581.

It is because Old Paths does such a fine job that we can offer quality printed volumes at a reasonable price. The reproduction of the multi-colored art work in Parables of the Cross is outstanding!

Thank you, Ken, and God Bless you!

Help with the Web Page Design

(1)        One of the first things the business and the web page needed was a logo. For this we had the inspired assistance of a good friend and brother, Reggie Victor. Find him on the web at Mastermind Creative.

Thank you, Reggie!

for your vision and talent, and for your love of the Lord that is expressed in your skilled artistry. Your design, seen on each page, adds strength and unity to the purpose of this site.

(2)        The next thing any web page needs is a web host. I currently have the pleasure of being hosted by

Kingsley Press Hosting

Thank you, Edward!

Help with the Web Page Content

(1)        Building this web page has been lots of fun, AND lots of work!

When I started I knew NOTHING about web pages except that it is a way to let lots of people know you have something to share. Being so ignorant, I jumped into the web page idea with lots of fear and trepidation until I found out about Ken Evoy, M.D. From his own experience he teaches how to build web sites, generate traffic, and in general be successful on the web. I went to his site, Make Your Site Sell! Before reading far I knew this was what I was looking for! His material is loaded with practical information (like how to find Keywords, for example), and links to web sites that make it not just information but a tool as well. This alone relieved a lot of the anxiety of building a web page. His writing style is crisp and fun and easy to understand. His presentation is full of funny and eye-catching graphics. The staff at MYSS! is eager to provide all the personal assistance I need.

Thank you, Ken, for all your help!


    By the way, if any of you are interested in doing any kind of web page for yourself, this is the place to start. He has since gone from just telling you how to do it to doing most of the work for you - reasonably! Check out Site Build It!

(2)        A second resource that has proven its worth many times over is

Internet Marketing Center

Formerly Internet Marketing Challenge, this has now been merged with Internet Marketing Center. Corey Rudl is a leader in the Internet Marketing business, offering lots of good information and straightforward answers to running a business online. He has a marketing course that is superb. If you are interested in using the Internet for your business, whether it be an online or an offline business, you need to check this out!

I recently purchased the Internet Profit Seminar Video, along with the marketing course. One sentence in the first 30 minutes of this 3 video series was worth the whole (very reasonable) price! It totally revolutionized my approach to internet sales and marketing.

(3)        A third web resource that I keep up with is

another weekly "e-zine" that is helpful and practical.

Help for You, the Site Visitor

Thanks goes, also, to the financial services that bring you the convenience of purchasing online.
Technology is great!



to each one of you, our customers, who come to look for, and to purchase these books!

Without you this web page and these volumes would no longer exist. We trust that the richness of this material will feed your heart's longing to know our Savior more deeply.

---Jon A. Moreshead


Three Brothers Books is the distribution ministry of
"Three Brothers".
We are dedicated to providing
quality Christian literature at reasonable cost.
We will accept donations if you are so led.
Please contact us with questions via
email, phone, fax or postal service.

Three Brothers Books
c/o Jon A. Moreshead
605 Weeping Willow Drive
St. Charles, MO 63303
(636) 447-4771 voice and fax
866 356-6986 toll free
(314) 750-6916 cell









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