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Loving Father
by Jon A. Moreshead, MD.

This is the day by day account of the hospital stay, drama, and recovery of George A. Moreshead who in March of 1999 suffered an acute rutpure of his aorta. The story is told via emails sent to family and friends.

Besides detailing the medical progress, set backs, and victories, it is a journal of the Faithfulness of our Loving Father, of resurrection, of miracle, of the blending of conventional and alternative medicine. It is an example of devotion of family, of reconnection of friends, and an example of mind/body medicine. As you read the story and get drawn into the events you will begin to understand how to rethink events of your everyday life and draw connections to our spiritual journey.

This is an eBook in PDF Format, 122 pp.
Requires Adobe Reader (free) to read.

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Parables of the Christ Life, by I. Lilias Trotter.


At long last! The second volume from Miss Trotter is finally done and ready for distribution.

One reviewer notes:

This is the best material I have read in many years, even better than her first volume, Parables of the Cross.

--George A. Moreshead, St. Louis


Parables of the Cross by I. Lilias Trotter. This is a republication of her original work from the early twentieth century, complete with drawings by the author. Although concise, this insightful missionary, in her special and unique style, uses "pictures" from nature to teach deep truths of dying to self and living in Christ.

Patricia St. John, biographer of Miss Trotter, quotes from this book in explaining the motivations of the author:

No mention has been made here of the beautiful little book which she produced entitled Parables of the Cross and the Christ Life, now sadly out of print. There was no reference to it in her diaries and it is difficult to place it chronologically. It is all about plants and seeds, exquisitely illustrated in minutest accuracy and detail, and it expounds, in parable form, all those beliefs and principles that formed the very foundation of her life. What was it that kept her believing against all evidence, hoping against all hope, willing to die not only content, but joyful, not having received the promises? Certain passages in this book provide a clue:

"The return is to Him as we see in parable with the plants. They show us a love that seeks not her own; no one knows whence the seeds come when they reach their journey's end; no glory can possibly gather round the plants that surrendered their lives to form and shed them. They just give and give, with no aim but to be bare stalks when all is done. Everything is loosed without a shade of calculation or self-interest.

"'Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory', they are all saying in spirit; they teach us absolute indifference as to whether our service is appreciated or even recognized so long as the work is done and the Lord is glorified, for God cannot get His whole glory as long as man gets any.

"So no matter, if we never see the full up-springing on earth of the Spirit-seed scattered. It is all the more likely that God will trust us with a great multiplying if our faith does not need to witness it. He can grant us spiritual harvests out of sight of which only He gains the glory...for there is no limit to what God can do with a man, provided he will not touch the glory."

--Until the Day Breaks (1990)

We Beheld His Glory, "Meditations in John's Gospel," by T. Austin-Sparks.

With this publication Three Brothers Books enters into a new phase. For the first time we are offering a work reprinted by someone other than the Three Brothers. This volume is offered to you in conjunction with Mr. Phill French of the Testimony Book Ministry. It is a reprint of the author's original two volume work combined into one volume.

The Three Brothers strongly endorses this work:

In a prefatory note the author explains that "the content of this little volume is not
intended to be a commentary in the usually understood sense, neither is it an exposition of all that the Gospel of John contains, but just a setting forth of a measure of the spiritual meaning of each chapter." However, the reader may be assured that before he has read far in this book, these chapters, under the enlightening of "the Spirit of wisdom and revelation" will open up to him a new vista of spiritual illumination. They provide him a strong challenge to attain to a deeper depth and greater fullness of the Christ-life in him. He will recognize that the potential impact on his spiritual growth and experience will, to a great extent, outweigh any doctrinal or theological knowledge of the Gospel of John. For any child of God whose heart is longing for more of Christ in his life, this book will contribute much toward the satisfying of that hunger.

--George A. Moreshead


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